12189109_10201066425900376_3949425369893599056_nSometimes you just need someone to talk

to and bounce ideas off of.


Some of our consults have focused on the following questions or concerns:

How can you develop your company/product/service without breaking the bank?

What is the best way to grow my business by referral?

What is SEO? How do I know who to hire for this?

What should I look for when I’m interviewing web designers.

Advice on social media campaigns, implementation and limitations.

Reviewing existing marketing materials and offering comprehensive feedback on improvements.

Compiling a list of competitors and their price points.

Focus Groups, what are they and how can they help?

Do I need a blog? Why?

What about YouTube?

How to grow your company online without paying a dime. 

Consultations are offered at a rate of $80 per hour and prorated in 10 minute increments.
Consults have a one hour minimum.
Discounts offered when consults exceed 5 hours in a one month period.

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