Amy –

I am so excited about my new website,! Not only does it look sharp, but more importantly, the back-end processes are working, too! I was really concerned that you could put together exactly what I wanted because of the complexity. You are awesome. To recap:

  • I needed a private site where I could assign multiple company employees to their own private login by company, which would track them entering and take them to the pages developed just for their business. Done. Works better than I expected.
  • Needed a means to book appointments through the site for multiple companies specific to a time/date/person. Done.
  • Wanted to be able to easily change a page or two per company. No issues. Works great.
  • Hoped the program would be simple enough for me to use – someone without WordPress experience! J I have to add, it has been a challenge with my password. I guess I’m letter/number/combo challenged! Thank you for helping me make it easier to get into. Your response each time I locked myself out (ouch) was so appreciated!!
  • I was on a time-crunch to get this finished for a big client presentation. You met the deadline, no problems.
  • Since I have a limited budget, I wanted to be able to do the updating to the site myself. You took hours of your time to teach me how to do the back-end changes that I would need. I’m not a WordPress guru by any means, but you’ve set this up so that I can easily get in and out without messing it up!

I would highly recommend working with you to anyone who has a complex site (or even a simple one for that matter) and needs a person to help them think though the process, and then develop accordingly.

Best Regards –

Janet Michel
Adentity Business Advisors, Inc.


Amy came to us with the intent to sell printing at a time we were preparing to create a new website. She asked for the opportunity to develop the site, and the pricing was excellent. We worked closely building the site over 6 months. It was a complicated undertaking but she walked us through it and she was always available when we had questions and suggestions. The build of the site was exemplary; we’re still using it (with some updates and additions) after 7 years.

About 3 years after the website build, we came up with the idea to develop a can liner size converter/calculator that’s featured on the site into a phone app. Amy headed that project as well, creating three separate versions for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. They work beautifully and the development was nearly effortless. Many of our customers use it on a daily basis.

Over the years we’ve also bought printing from Amy; whatever the project, the service is always excellent. Amy conducts her business with honesty and integrity. She is very responsive to our needs and is always willing to go the extra mile for us. She is always courteous and friendly and a pleasure to work with.

Phil Dellasega
Creative Director
Inteplast Pitt

I have worked with Amy on several business projects over the last 8 years both as a partner and a client.  There is a reason I’ve worked with her for so long, actually there are several reasons.  Amy is dependable, which is an understatement, she has gone above and beyond in quality and timeliness on every single project we’ve worked together.  Her contributions go well beyond simply getting the job done, she’s quite brilliant in improving concepts and end results with her ideas and uncanny ability to think/plan things through to the end result.  Everything we’ve worked on together has come out better than expected.  Probably my favorite part of working with Amy is her patience in making sure I understand how things work, potential variables and how to handle surprises.

I’m working with Amy on a project as a partner right now.  She’s incredibly hardworking, honest and to be be frank, she’s going to make me a lot of money.  I would reluctantly recommend Amy only because when you find a goose that lays golden eggs, you tend to keep it to yourself.

DJ DeRuy
BD Wolf, LLC

“What a pleasant experience it is to work with Amy! Not only was she on-time, creative and flexible on budget and supplying multiple ideas, but she also is very, very smart when it comes to web site application. I have no problem recommending her work as a graphic artist. Call her today before she gets too busy and too popular to work for you too!”

Ken Childers
Executive Director
Youth of the Ozarks Thrift Store.

“We have used Amy for many projects over the years. We consider her a vital part of the company but without ongoing payroll etc. She is a great vendor and the only one I call for logo, artwork, website needs, etc.

We might go 3 months without needing anything and call her and she will immediately attend to whatever has come up. Anything from adjusting our website to tweaking art for an ad, she can do it all. Just a tremendous resource. Don’t know what we would do without her.”

Greg Byler
Blue Iguana Car Wash